Introducing Mabru's new 17,000 BTU self-contained SC17VFD, utilizing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) On-demand, a VFD adjusts the speed of an HVAC fan and variable speed compressor, saving energy and extending the life of the team. A VFD responds to a signal from a controller, allowing equipment to run at the power required to meet the demand for heating and cooling. This replaces the older version of conventional AC with cranking amp spikes, eliminating on / off starts at the compressor.
The new Mabru SC17VFD with the variable speed compressor will draw fewer amps than its predecessor (the SC17K), making it more affordable to work with inverters.
Comparing the consumption between the conventional AC @ 115V, the New SC17VFD @ 115V will save energy up to 50% in energy, allowing the air conditioner to run more smoothly and continuously, constantly drying the air, which is represented in greater comfort.

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